MICOLLAC 2020 Archives: Schedule and Updates

The conference programme e-book is out. You can find all relevant information about the conference in one place: the schedules, links to the sessions, abstracts, biodata of the speakers and many more information. The full schedule is available in the programme e-book with live links. Click download button below to get the e-book.

Navigating during the conference: There are three main rooms in the conference. The first main room is like the ballroom where everybody gathers for the welcome address, keynote, plenary and workshop sessions. The other two main rooms are for parallel sessions. You will be able to choose the breakout sessions from Main room 2 and Main room 3. To go to another breakout room within the same main room, just leave and join another breakout room

If you get lost, just download the schedule and click the link for the session you are interested in. This is the most direct way to get to any session.

And a special treat to kick back and relax during the conference

Delegates are invited to watch a special screening of “Zoom-Ed! A Musical Showcase”, the first virtual play production project by the Year 3 English Literature students of the Faculty of Modern Languages and Communication, Universiti Putra Malaysia. The play will be screened continuously over 48 hours on You Tube, from 8.00 pm, 23 March to 8.00 pm, 25 March. The link will be made available soon.

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