An e-presentation in MICOLLAC is available to delegates who are not able to attend the conference in person. This e-presentation in our conference is a pre-recorded talk which will be presented during an allocated time at the conference. There will be NO video conferencing and Q&A session.

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Abstract submission deadline: 31 May 2023 (Closed)

Before submitting your abstract, ensure you follow the guidelines on this page.

Submission Guidelines

Please ensure that your submission includes the title of your study, full name, email address, affiliation, abstract, and biodata statement. The abstract template can be downloaded here.

The deadline to submit e-presentation abstracts is 31 May 2023 (Closed).

The committee reserves the right to reject any abstract that does not comply with the length and formatting requirements or is received after the deadline.


How do e-presenters present?

Upon acceptance of your abstract, you will be requested to do the following:

1.         Create Keynote or PowerPoint slides of your presentation. Next, record your presentation using Keynote/ PowerPoint with voice or any other suitable presentation platform of your choice. Then, share your video file with the MICOLLAC committee via a shared drive link to your video file or video recording of your pre-recorded presentation.

2.         Share the video file or recording with the MICOLLAC committee for quality and originality checks by 30 June 2023.

3.         The committee may reach out to you for a finalised file or recording of your presentations within the next two weeks after 30 June 2023.

4. For further queries, please contact the secretariat at micollac_secretariat@upm.edu.my


Where and when will e-presentations be available?

The information on the e-presentations will be posted on our website on 1 August 2023. The e-presentations will be posted on YouTube to allow participants to interact with e-presenters. Here is a sample of an e-presentation from MICOLLAC 2020:



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