We have created this page in case you need some quick answers.

  • How do I register and pay for the workshops?

We are sorry. Registration for workshop is now closed. You may listen to the keynote and plenary and parallel sessions for free though. Download the programme book and click on the links to get access to these sessions.

  • How do I access the online conference?

You can download the guide available here. You also download the e-programme book. All information you need about the conference is available in the e-book. The links will also give you access to the conference.

  • This is my first time presenting at an online conference and I am pretty much freaking out. Where do I start?

Don’t panic. We have got you covered. Each parallel session is chaired by a host who will be contacting you with more specific instructions and to provide assistance if you need. They will do a test run of the session so you can practise going online before the actual day. We have prepared a handout with a guide to help you started. You can download information for presenters and the schedule here. If your host has not gotten in touch with you, please email us at micollac_secretariat@upm.edu.my

  • I will be recording my presentation but may have limited connectivity to attend my own session. What happens if I cannot go online during my session?

We know getting a stable internet connectivity could be challenging. Your session is only 20 minutes. We can play your video but you will need to be present to answer questions – only for five minutes. We hope you will make the effort to be present. I am sure the participants will be disappointed to miss you.

  • I’m a free spirited participant. Can I pay a fee to get a certificate of attendance?

No payment option is available for certificate of attendance. If you are a co-author of any of the scheduled papers and you would like to get a certificate as presenter, please pay the full conference fee and register as presenter. Certificates will be provided to presenters who have paid the full registration fee. Only the paid presenter’s name will appear on the presenters certificate.

  • I have registered and paid for the workshops. Will I get a certificate of attendance?

Yes. Certificates will also be provided for participants who paid the workshop fees.

  • I wish to participate for two from the four listed workshops. Can I get the bank account details?

The fastest way to secure your spot is to pay using the UPM gateway and to complete registration here and upload evidence of your payment.

  • Can I zoom in and out anytime during any of the sessions?

Yes, you can. However, there may be a limit for some of the sessions. Once the room has reached its maximum capacity, you will not be able to access the session until someone leaves. So if you leave a session, you may not get back in if the room has reached its maximum capacity.

  • I am a free participant. Can I download every video recording of every presentation at MICOLLAC 2020?

Video recordings will not be made available for downloading. Our presenters may not want their recordings to be shared publicly. Please do check the schedule nearer to the conference so you do not miss out on any of the sessions.

  • I have registered and paid the registration fees for the conference. But I have to pull out. Can I get a refund?

We are sorry. Withdrawal of paper presentation and request for refund will not be entertained after registration and payment has been made.

  • I can’t get access to the keynote and plenary sessions. The room has reached maximum capacity. Can I watch the session later?

You can watch it without logging in to the zoom room. It will be streamed on the MICOLLAC FaceBook at https://www.facebook.com/UPMicollac/

  • Can I watch the parallel presentations from Facebook too?

Only the keynote and the plenary sessions are streamed live. You need to access the parallel sessions during the scheduled time on the ZOOM platforms. Please refer to the schedule, and use the links to get to the zoom breakout rooms for the relevant sessions.

  • I downloaded the e-book but the schedule is not there.

There are two e-books made available recently. Click here to get the conference programme e-book which has the schedule and links. The other e-book is the conference proceedings which is a collection of conference proceedings submitted by presenters so participants can read ahead about their presentation. Click here to download the conference proceedings.

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